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Dynamic Route Manager

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Dynamic Route Manager

Dynamic Route Manager is a powerful logistics and transportation solution for both large and small fleets.  Whether you are moving various goods, offering services, or managing your sales team, we offer GPS and GIS solutions for any industry! 

fleet use
Large Fleets or Small

Your service or sales team can easily integrate with both our web and GIS route planner, simply upload a list of addresses for the day, month or year and Dynamic Route Manger will take care of the rest.

service industry
Service Industry

Dispatch as a call comes in, or modify a route already in motion.  Nothing is set in stone with Dynamic Route Manager making it a seamless solution for quick changing industries or service calls increasing customer satisfaction.

Entrepreneur use

Our affordable solution offers powerful benefits to entrepreneurs.  Save a route and reuse it, increases accuracy with actual time vs estimated time, and access lat/long data.  Track mileages driven to schedule maintenance and analyze various route cost savings.  


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Operation Costs are paramount... Lower your overhead with fuel savings, maintenance alerts, Insurance & Risk overviews and much more!

The benefits of creating a more efficient fleet are truly endless.  Save money and employee overhead with tailored route planning, anticipate maintenance costs before something goes wrong, analyze risk and update liability insurance while maintaining all the data to justify, scrutinize, or add staff or expand your product line. 

Dynamic Route Manager is a product of Consortium Software
and is available on our Stackable Software platform.

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Optimized Trip Planner 

Dynamic Route Manager will automatically maximize efficiency from point A to B with unlimited amounts of waypoints in between!  


Plan your Trip. Maximize your Destination.